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Manda. 19. Philippines.
AB Psychology, ADMU.

Loves sunsets and that cute boy smell.
Firm believer that food can cure anything.

I’d say I’m a pretty big F A N of @WeArePhoenix. <3 

Thomas Mars once said “I love when things are not supposed to be perfect - it makes it really charming and special.” I see this in the band and the way they create and perform their music, and it is why I love them so much. At first appearance, Phoenix may appear weird because they are four slightly eccentric French men in their late 30s playing indie pop synth music with a bunch of random instruments. However, they prove that first impressions do not really matter because they deliver magic spread out into 3 minutes. Phoenix is and will always be a huge source of inspiration for me to not be afraid to act how others perceive to be weird or strange if the end result is special and makes me happy. I would do anything for a chance to meet my idols and thank them for inspiring me to stay strong and true to myself.

Please help me meet Thomas, Branco, Chrisian, and Deck! Please help me thank my French bbys!

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